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        Welcome to the gallery of wildlife artist Nancy Z. Quinn.

Nancy works in several media including water colors, acrylic-on-canvas, graphite-on-parchment, and solid casting.  With these materials she creates original artworks, limited edition prints, greeting cards, Christmas ornaments, solid sterling silver jewelry, and silk scarves.  Each design can be viewed by clicking on the applicable link above.  Nancy also enjoys developing custom artwork for individual collectors, small businesses, corporations, government agencies, and non-profit organizations, so if you are interested, please email her at

Wildlife art has many potential applications. In addition to being a personal gift for yourself or a friend, it's a great way to decorate the office by adding a unique personal touch of the outdoors. If you run a business or manage a government agency, wildlife art makes wonderful incentives and rewards for your employees. It's also a novel way for a private organization to show its thanks and appreciation to its professional staff, volunteers, and supporters. Whether it's an original commissioned painting or one of my greeting cards, the enjoyment of art never fades.

For information about Nancy's background, professional experience with both domestic and wild exotic animals, and philosophy on creating wildlife art, please visit her ARTIST BIOGRAPHY page . 


To learn more about her life and transition to wilderness living, order Nancy's new book,

Go West, Young Woman!

available through Hellgate Press (

or (


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To order a personally signed copy of Nancy's new book, you can send a $25 check made out to Nancy Quinn, POB 225, Elliston, MT  59728,

or  just click on the link at right to pay by credit card. 

Be sure to see the video book trailer at

If you'd like to leave a comment about the book or trailer, please visit Nancy's Facebook public page,

open to anyone, at

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I'm always delighted to hear from my clients.

For further information, questions, or comments, please contact me at:

Nancy Z. Quinn

Nature In Art Studio

Post Office Box 225

Elliston, Montana  59728